Criminal Justice  Assemblyman Chuck Lavine’s voting record demonstrates his commitment to ensuring public safety and improving the criminal justice system. His leadership on these issues is respected by all; when Chuck speaks on the about criminal justice, members on both sides of the aisle listen.

Education  Assemblyman Chuck Lavine has delivered millions of additional funding to Long Island’s school districts to make sure our families have the highest quality public schools. Chuck works continually to promote equitable school funding to provide everyone with a great education.

The Environment  Assemblyman Chuck Lavine understands the importance of protecting New York’s natural heritage. During his time in the State Assembly, Chuck has established an impressive voting record in support of environmental conservation efforts and has always received the endorsements or our leading environmental organizations.

Government Reform  Since his early days in the New York State Assembly, Chuck Lavine has been a proponent of government reform. He has played a vital role as a member and chair of the Ethics and Guidance Committee, introducing systemic reforms to the form and function of the New York State Assembly.  The New York Times has published his opinion piece on improving state legislatures.

Healthcare  Assemblyman Chuck Lavine believes that each and every American has the right to affordable and high-quality health care.

Jobs and the Economy  Chuck Lavine believes that increased employment must be the most important factor in determining how and where New York’s economic development dollars should be invested.


LGBTQ Rights Chuck Lavine is a long-time supporter of LGBTQ rights. Since its introduction into the Assembly in 2007, Chuck has voted in favor of same-sex marriage in the state of New York and continued to support the legislation until it was finally passed and signed into law in 2011.

Public Safety   For more than thirty years, Assemblyman Chuck Lavine practiced complex criminal law as appointed counsel in the federal and state courts. As a member of the Assembly Codes and Judiciary Committee, Chuck puts his extensive experience to good use.

Veterans’ Rights  Assemblyman Chuck Lavine believes that supporting our veterans and their families must be a policy priority and has built a strong legislative record as an advocate for veterans’ rights.

Leadership It was because of Chuck’s absolute dedication to fairness that he was appointed to head the bipartisan task force that wrote the nation’s leading policy statement on protecting governmental employees from sexual harassment and retaliation.  His leadership as Chair of the bipartisan Assembly Ethics Committee was extraordinary.  While he has since become Chair of the Elections Law Committee, where he fights for modernization of the process to guarantee that every vote counts, he remains a valued member of the Ethics Committee.

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