The Environment

The Environment

Clean air, clean water, green spaces, sustainable energy production and more – these make New York a vibrant, livable state. However, partisan politics, tight budgets, and short-sighted, dirty development place these endowments under constant threat. In order to preserve New York’s natural resources and environment for the enjoyment of current and future generations, progressive action is required of our state’s leaders in Albany.

Chuck Lavine understands the importance of protecting New York’s natural heritage. During his time in the State Assembly, Chuck has established an impressive voting record in support of environmental conservation efforts. Early on, Chuck supported the “Bigger Better Bottle Bill,” legislation aimed at incentivizing recycling and reducing the empty bottles littering our streets, parks and highways by making water bottles subject to a 5 cent refundable deposit. Chuck has consistently voted in favor of numerous bills authorizing the appropriation of state funds for conservation and recycling programs, as well as the establishment of a legislative commission mandated with integrating state energy and environmental policy objectives into transportation planning. And, in 2014 Chuck supported a truly innovative piece of legislation requiring state-funded projects to account for climate change effects in the early, planning and development stages – a progressive step aimed at mitigating New York state’s contribution to a pressing local, national and global problem.

But, Chuck is more than just a common-sense voter when it comes to managing New York’s natural resources. On the most contentious environmental issue of recent years – hydraulic fracturing – Chuck has demonstrated leadership, level headedness and pragmatism, acknowledging potential benefits while maintaining a precautionary stance. Unconvinced by troubling reports of grave environmental and public health consequences, he has voted multiple times since 2013 in favor of moratoriums on hydraulic fracturing in New York, as well as the current, three-year prohibition.

With his consistently pro-environment voting record, Chuck has maintained the endorsement of the New York League of Conservation Voters throughout his time as an Assemblyman, and continues to receive high ratings from EPL-Environmental Advocates, another premier, statewide environmental advocacy organization.

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