Criminal Justice

As a former practicing attorney, Chuck Lavine has decades of experience to draw from when crafting laws to keep New Yorkers safe.

Chuck began his legal career with the Legal Aid Society of the City of New York, where he was the first attorney to pilot continuity of representation—a then-experimental approach that has become the standard for public defense services throughout the nation. Following his time with the Legal Aid Society, Chuck entered private practice, serving as an appointed counsel in state and federal courts for over a decade.

During his first year in Albany, Chuck’s expertise on the criminal justice system featured prominently in public hearings that led to the ban on capital punishment in New York. Since then, his command of the issues have led to progressive drug law reform, including the establishment of mandatory treatment programs, more humane incarceration practices, and the installation of speed traps in school zones.

Chuck has also been instrumental in improving New York state gun laws. He has made common sense regulation a pillar of his time in the Assembly, voting in favor of a ban on firearms without a safety or child proofing mechanism and increased penalties for domestic violence offenders found in possession of a firearm. In addition to punitive measures, Chuck has also advocated for preventative efforts to crack down on the supply of illegal firearms and make these weapons less accessible to criminals.

Chuck’s voting record demonstrates his commitment to ensuring public safety and improving the criminal justice system. His leadership on these issues is respected by all; when Chuck speaks on the subject of criminal justice, members on both sides of the aisle listen.

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