Newsday Endorses Chuck Lavine!

Newsday has endorsed our campaign! 

Charles D. Lavine has been a strong, consistent voice for Long Island throughout his 14 years in the Assembly. Now, the Glen Cove Democrat is poised to take on a leadership role, and he will be a key to organizing suburban legislators of both parties behind common goals and concerns for our region.

Lavine, 71, supports school district consolidation and is a loud proponent of ethics reforms, advocating for a full-time legislature and for returning investigative power on contracts to the state comptroller. He backs early voting, easier voter registration and an end to the abuse of minor parties selling ballot lines to help cronies.

Andrew A. Monteleone, 45, a criminal defense attorney, seems to agree with Lavine more than he disagrees. The Syosset Republican is a smart, appealing first-time candidate who should find another spot in politics.

Newsday endorses Lavine.”


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